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bruiser(s)&abuser(s) ☮ i'm reilly and i get mad real easy. ☮
Anonymous: Do you think it's possible to create a breathlyzer that you can install in your car and to unlock the car you would have to breathe into it and if you're over the legal limit the car stays locked, restricting you from going anywhere? Just a random idea I had to help curb drunk driving. I dont know anything about engineering, cars, or breathlyzers.


This is so possible that it’s an actual thing for people who have multiple DUIs. They have them mandated by judges. 


5 year old Robert Downey Jr. in his first role.

Robert has no regrets.

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i feel like mary lambert just saved my entire day by putting out this music video

im violently crying like literally every time i hear this i cant not sob

Wowwwww I love this so much

I swear my heart is happy

mary lambert is incredible and amazing and beautiful

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Never thought astronomy could be so cute.

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